The White Mouse

Theme music: Night on Bald Mountain

While travelling through a valley with an unsavory reputation, the characters are confronted by a woman in desperate need of their help. Their involvement will plunge them into a nest of intrigue and revolution.

The Characters

150 point characters using GURPS Fantasy, Magic, and Urban Magics. The characters are travellers on the Crimson River, staying overnight at an Inn on the water. They do not need to know each other before hand, but there’s nothing that says they can’t be a travelling family or fugitives escaped from the same prison.

The First Adventure

The characters are getting their evening dinner in the common room when the local Lord’s guards descend on the Inn. At the same time the party is approached by a frightened, diminutive woman who needs their help to get away. These men tortured and killed her father. She has friends in the mountains who can shelter her and reward them for their troubles, if they can get her out of here and to safety.