Hart Security Rogues Gallery

Some of the participants at Hart Security, and people closely allied with it.

J. Marcus Hart

J. Marcus Hart


J. Marcus Hart is the proprietor of Hart Security. He has an disturbing number of friends in high places, and employees in low. While projecting the image of the consumate playboy, he has, on occasion, been known to kick butt and take names.

Although not an employee of the federal government, he has been entrusted in a role similar to that of a federal prisons parole officer. He also has proven contacts within the military.

He seems to know a very large number of attractive, wealthy women, and spend a lot of time sending his cavalry charging in to rescue them.

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Liam McClain



A former broker for Tara's specialized procurement services, and an occasional romantic interest. His specialty is industrial espionage, and Minneapolis-St. Paul makes a perfect base of operations. The “front” for his business is a legitimate art gallery: La Fleur Nuit. Tara's parents think she works there part time.

Important skills:

  1. Can tie a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue.
  2. Has a similar effect on Tara.
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Mary Hart



J. Marcus' and Aaron's pretty socialite sister. She is always fashionable and is well connected in the local glitterati. She is also sometimes used to provide a shiny distraction to keep the rubes busy while the team does their work.

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