Scene No. 6 Points 4
Title Stabby Stabby Stabby
Location Hanson house Map

Participating Characters

  • Aaron
  • Brad
  • Tara
  • Vlad


  • Sarah Winnacker
  • Margaret Hanson
  • Jessica Winnacker


Principal Conflict: Get Sarah Winnackere to hospital before she bleeds out
Scene Hero:
Heroic Opportunity:

During the confusion of the raid, as they're attempting flight, or after boarders have been repelled and before proper recovery can begin, Margaret will slip her groove and stab her sister with a carving knife. Team has roughly 15 minutes to get her to a hospital, which is a good 10 minutes away. Margaret will be screaming when she does it:

“You stole him from me! Your stole my happiness! You took him from me and then you threw him away! I'm saving him! I'm the one who did it! I hired the kidnappers! I drove you away from him! I loved him like you never did! You never deserved him! I'm the one who did this! All of this! Because I love him! He deserves me, not you!”

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