Scene No. 3 Points 2
Title Sparring With Julia
Location Hart Security Offices Map

Participating Characters

  • Vlad the Assailer



Principal Conflict: Can Vlad hit a friend who is a girl to help her penetrate an enemy organization?
Scene Hero: Vlad
Heroic Opportunity:

“I think I know how to get to the lesbian separatists. I talked it over with Mister Hart, and he said I could give it a try, but I need your help.

“There's no way Angry Vagina doesn't identify with battered women, so she and her sisters are probably working with the Duluth women's shelter. I'm going to go to the police, tell them my boyfriend has been beating me up, and get taken to the women's shelter. When they hear that Vlad the Assailer did this shit to me, the sisters will be on my like white on rice.”

To sell the story and get taken to the shelter instead of for a psych referral, she needs to present with injuries. She wants a full contact sparring session with Vlad, and promises to give as good as she gets. Also, to not bring his name up with the police.

If Vlad seems perplexed, Julia will lean in, kiss him on the lips, then knee him in the balls to start the party rolling. She needs bruises and they need to be bruises like a man the size of Vlad would leave.

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