Scene No. 1 Points 2
Title An Uncomfortable Interview With Major Keystone
Location Hart Security Offices Map

Participating Characters

  • Brad Warnke



Principal Conflict:
Scene Hero:
Heroic Opportunity:

“I cleaned up that mess you jokers left in Idaho Springs, so you don't need to worry about that. But I do need you to do something for me. Jesus Rodriguez, that chupcabra sodomizing bastard, has been selling secrets about naval weapons systems to the Iranians. I need you to put your talents for creating a spectacular mess to use for me. He needs to be disappeared in a very public, very spectacular way. It needs to make the God be damned pinko evening news.

“He's staying at the Whitehall in Chicago right fucking now with his family, living way above his pay grade on Iranian money. You're gonna snatch that bastard right out of the God damned lobby, in front of his family, the public and the security cameras, and you're gonna deliver him to me in the middle of Lake fucking Michigan in the middle of the damned night.

“Don't fuck up. Don't do anything that's gonna get you identified, don't leave any trail that can lead anything back to you. Because this is gonna be fucking gigantic on the evening news. I couldn't bail you out of a fuck up on this job even if I wanted to, which I don't. So make sure nobody knows who the fuck did this. The only people who should know who did this is you, me, and the goat buggering Iranians.

“This is the spot, right where Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan meet: Be there at three on Tuesday morning. That's in the middle of the lake, so there shouldn't be anybody else, but the right boat will signal with a blue light when you approach. No blue light, keep on going. Answer with a yellow light. When the blue light goes out, bring your man over.

“And remember. Don't fuck up. If you fuck up, you're fucked.”