Name Pan Lutheran Alliance
Head Uncle Olaf
Location Minneapolis/St. Paul, Duluth
Major Enterprise Drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling

Major Players

Entries should include the name, their role in the organization, and if they will be playing a significant role any trademark or important traits the game master should remember.

External Relationships

The Poles act as their representatives in Duluth.


They provide a high degree of stability in areas where they control. Their operations are tolerated because they keep out other organizations which are prone to violence. When PLA controls a neighborhood, there aren't drivebys, there aren't dudes on street corners peddling dope to kids and there aren't turf wars for very long.


They won't tackle clergy, which they see as a complimentary organization to the services they provide. Hit somebody in holy orders, no mater the sect, and you'll wind up swimming with a cement overcoat.