Name Lesbian Separatists
Head Margaret Svenson
Location Duluth, with excursions to Minneapolis
Major Enterprise Disrupting the patriarchy

The group has two layers. Overtly, it is a social organization seeking to advance women's issues. The inner sanctum, consisting of a dozen members, have a more radical agenda. They hate all things male, an in their ideal world would live without them. Reality being what it is, they settle for exposing the abuses and excesses of men in power. There is a blog,, which functions as an outlet for their voice.

Major Players

Margarett Svenson

The leader of the Lesbian Separatists.

External Relationships

In addition to the groups they have relationships with, include the motivational factors in that relationship. For instance, they may buy product from one group because it's unhealthy to try to bypass that group, but given a chance they'd wipe that group off the map.


The group is known formally as the Duluth Women's Council. For most of their membership, this is the only name they know.

Women in Business

This is a weekly professional networking meeting, allowing women in the Duluth business community to meet and form social alliances. It is highly valued among the business community, both for the social aspect and the professional networking.

Duluth Women's Shelter

The shelter provides temporary refuge for women who are victims of domestic violence, as well as their children. Stays are limited to 30 days, because the shelter is not flush with funds or space. The location of the shelter is known to the local police who are part of the domestic violence team (three officers), the senior leadership of the separatists, the six woman rotating staff of the shelter, and two of their husbands who provide overnight security.


The Separatists won't interact with the police. Even women police are just tools of the patriarchy. The women who manage the shelter are not part of the Separatists.