Losing it in Cherry Town

System: as outlined in “High School Confidential” (125 GURPS Lite)

To get the vibe I'm shooting for, also look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRSUeYxlTBc

The resort city of Traverse City, Michigan is a community of beautiful waterfront mansions, expensive boats and wineries. It's the playground for Chicago's wealthy, with a bit of Michigan money mixed in for good measure. Unless you're not one of the wealthy. Then it's a place to work for something above minimum wage but not quite to a comfortable income. It's also a teeming pool of intrigue as the wealthy try to get a leg up on their rivals, and bored trophy wives look for someone to brighten a dull afternoon.

The Characters

The characters are high school aged children of the wealthy or the workers in Traverse City or just outside of it. In addition to the normal character generation tasks, we'll be spending a little time talking about your parents. Your uncomfortable relationship with your mother. Your various daddy issues, provided your mother was able to isolate him from the many potential candidates. The secret conspiracy by your teachers to make your high school years as awkward as possible.

What The Characters Do

Characters will investigate incidents and problems that don't rise to the level of police involvement. The things that happen to poor people. The dirty tricks the rich play that stay within the letter of the law while violating the intent. Dark knights in a city that keeps its secrets buried in the bay.

All this, of course, happens in their off hours, between the summer jobs that can ease the burdern of a low birth, the social obligations imposed by parents with political and social aspirations, and studying at Interlochen to hopefully have a musical career bigger than playing bars with your buddies from the construction site.

The First Adventure

Judith Levine, a pretty sophomore from a middle class family, has apparently run off with her boyfriend, Judson Hollis. Judson is the son of Kenneth Hollis, a wealthy Chicago lawyer whose arrival in Traverse City is always announced by his spectacular party at the Traverse Yacht Club.