This is a fast, long-ranged, and stealthy special-operations vessel designed to insert and retrieve first-contact or covertsurvey teams on high-tech worlds without being detected by radar or passive sensors. It has an unstreamlined 300-ton (SM +7) hull 60 feet in diameter. Reactionless drives allow silent landing and takeoff. It is armed for self-defense and for protecting landing parties, but normally it relies on its cloaking device to avoid detection and stay out of trouble.

The astute reader will note that this is the classic “flying saucer,” with stealth mode capabilities. Ships of this variety are typically named after the locations of mysterious or Fortean events, such as Roswell, Bermuda and Okanagan.

Front Hull System
[1] Nanocomposite Armor (dDR 15).
[2] Multipurpose Array (comm/sensor 9).
[3] Habitat (two cells).
[4] Habitat (two-bed automed sickbay).
[5] Habitat (lab).
[6] Cargo Hold (15 tons).
Central Hull System
[1] Nanocomposite Armor (dDR 15).
[2!] Cloaking Device.
[3!] Light Force Screen (dDR 50).
[4!] Medium Battery (two turrets with 30 MJ improved particle beams, one turret with a 30 MJ tractor beam).
[5-6] Habitats (two cabins each).
[core] Control Room (C8 computer, comm/sensor 7, and three control stations).
Rear Hull System
[1] Nanocomposite Armor (dDR 15).
[2!] Super Reactionless Engine (50G acceleration).
[3] Engine Room (one workspace).
[4-6!] Stardrive Engines (FTL-1 each).
[core] Super Fusion Reactor (four Power Points).

It has artificial gravity and gravitic compensators. The typical complement consists of three control crew, two scientists, one technician, and one turret gunner (the other turret is run from the control stations).