Knight of the Cross

A Christian martial order. They are knight errant, required to travel in the secular world and spreading The Savior's message through the example of their lives. They are charged with helping the poor, the sick and the oppressed. Their role is as much counselor and advisor as warrior. It is easy for the ignorant to mistake their message of peace with weakness, but that mistake is generally only made once.

The order has chapterhouses on most world (all not in prohibited zones). One larger worlds which are accepting of their faith, they have chapter houses in or near most major cities. On worlds which are not open to their faith, the chapter houses are secret, although frequently revealed by signs which their members may read. Where they are allowed to operate openly the chapter houses offer sanctuary and charity for those in need.

Each house is overseen by an Abbott or Abbess. A brother is sworn to a particular house, although given the wandering nature of their order, they may spend much of their time afield. They may also be loaned or transferred explicitly to another house which has a need.

Any knight or brother has a claim of hospitality at any chapter house, even if his is not sworn there. At the secret houses there will be some test of his knowledge of the holy secrets before admission is granted.

Knights of the Holy Cross train in the French Smallsword style, and spar regularly in the chapterhouse to maintain their skill.

French Smallsword

Skills: Games (Sport Fencing), Smallsword, Smallsword Art, Main Gauche, Wrestling. Techniques: Bind Weapon (smallsword), Close Combat (smallsword), Disarming (smallsword), Feint (smallsword), Retain Weapon (smallsword), Targeted Attach (smallsword Thrust/Vitals).

Perks: Quick Sheath (smallsword), Quick-Swap (smallsword).


Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15], Clerical Investment [5], Language (Latin; Native) [6], 15 points from Allies [varies], Devotion [5/level], Devotion Talent: Autohypnosis, Exorcism, Meditation, Religious Ritual. Hard to Kill, Higher Purpose, Religious Rank, True Faith [15].

Disadvantages: -40 points from Charitable [-15], Disciplines of Faith [-5 to -15] (mandatory with True Faith advantage), Fanaticism [-15], Honesty [-10], Pacifism [-5 to -30], Selfless [-5]; Sense of Duty [-10 to -20]; Vow [-5 to -15], Social Stigma (Excommunicated) [-5].