The Escott Institute

The most prestigious center of learning and scientific studies in the Old Frontiers. Originally an economic institute, the school gradually branched out into other areas, particularly the various sciences.

Today, the Institute's main focus is on xenology and planetology, studying the various lifeforms and planetary phenomena in the Old Frontiers, as well as on xenoarchaeology–particularly the Precursors. The Institute also has a fine school of criminology, from which a number of Patrol leaders have graduated. The most acclaimed achievement of the Escott Institute in recent years, however, was the final publication of its 14-gigabyte Escott Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge, believed to be the most extensive source of general knowledge available in the Old Frontiers, outside of the archives of the planet Byte. A copy of the EEUK (pronounced, unfortunately, e-yuk) sells for $25,000, and gives +4 to any Research roll on anything to do with this sector.

The institute is located on Pleroo.