What Am I Doing Here?

This site doesn't necessarily make sense when you look at what I'm doing with rpg-campaign.com. After all, I have lots of great tools there to share information with the game group. And for what it does, that site is pretty cool.

What it doesn't do well, though, is support a game master's needs for planning. If your game is any more complicated than plundering a dungeon while rolling on the wandering monster table, you've got information about your world that you need to keep track of, and you don't want your players to see it. That's what I'm doing here.

My planning material was stored across a couple of different computers, written down based on wehre I was when I had the idea. That's not conducive to getting my planning done. I tried using a cloud storage service to keep the material synched between my different computers. That was better, but still not ideal.

So I tried using a wiki format, and immediately fell in love. When I create an NPC in game, I put it in with wiki link brackets, and it shows up as a little red reminder that I've got a detail to fill in later. When that NPC comes up again, I put in the same link, and I've got a reference to the same record in my new document as well. Since my brain is not particularly linear, the ability to mark out these references is very SQUIRREL!