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 +====== Planner Creation Script ======
 +For now a bare bones functional script can be created, ideally in PHP.
 +===== Data Collection =====
 +The following information needs to be gathered:
 +  * Campaign Name
 +  * Admin Email
 +  * Verification email address
 +===== Creation Request Processing =====
 +Once this information is received, the following actions need to happen:
 +  * Campaign name translated to an easy to use URL.  This will include being sanitized so that there are no poison pills in it that would cause trouble on a command line.
 +  * Campaign request recorded in a pending cache. ​ If this information is duplicated, alert the user and abort.
 +  * Email verification sent to the admin email address. ​ This will contain a link to a validation url.
 +===== Validation =====
 +When a request is received, the validation request is looked up in the cache. ​ If this is a valid request, the following steps happen:
 +  * Collect a password.
 +  * Sanitize the password to make sure it doesn'​t contain poison pills. ​ Any members outside of is_alphanum are rejected.
 +  * Run the farm creation script.
 +    * If creation is successful, redirect the user to their new site.
 +    * If there was a problem, send diagnostic information to the admin and let the user know that there was a problem and you're working on it.