We Are Sisters of Lilith

We see again the Patriarchy at work, in the kidnapping of three womyn and the callous indifference of the Duluth police department to their welfare. We'll give you the details, since you won't find this story covered on the patriarchy controlled main stream media.

  • On June 22, the Womyn's Crisis Center was notified by Margaret Hanson that she, her sister Sarah Winnacker, and Sarah's daughter Jessica were being held prisoner in her house by a group of thugs. The Crisis Center notified the Duluth Police Department's Domestic Violence liason officer of the situation.
  • On June 23, the Womyn's Crisis Center was informed by the Domestic Violence Liason Officer that the situation was under control and did not require further action.
  • When Crisis Center volunteers investigated, they found notorious Vlad the Assailer and his fellow Hart Security thugs occupying the residence. While posing as laborers, they were keeping the womyn inside under constant guard. While she was not observed, we can only assume that Hart's pretty but mysterious girl friday was inside keeping watch over the victims.
  • When these observations were reported to the Domestic Violence Liason Officer, the Crisis Center was informed that the situation was under control and did not warrant further investigation, in spite of the photographic evidence presented that the womyn were under constant guard. We can only assume that Hart has used his influence with the police to suppress any investigation into the situation.
  • By June 26th, it is clear that if anything is going to be done to help these three womyn, we must be the ones to do it. When nobody will stand up for womyn in need, then womyn must stand up themselves.
  • On June 29th, five brave volunteers launch a raid on Margaret Hanson's house to liberate the captives. After entering the house to release the hostages, the liberators were violently assaulted by Vlad the Assailer and his fellow thugs. During this time J. Marcus Hart's doxy threw Margaret Hanson to the ground, one of the thugs who looked like a professional murderer raced from the house, battered the driver who was waiting outside to take the victims to safety, and destroyed the rescue vehicle: the ten year old cargo van that was the only transportation of one of the volunteers, and a single mother.

As of this writing, the police have shown themselves to be utter tools of the conspiracy. No charges have been brought against the perpetrators of this outrage. No arrests have been made. No restitution has been made to the brave volunteers who were beaten, who have medical bills to cover and no insurance to pick up the bill. No assistance has been given to the single mother whose only way to get to work, to provide for her child, has been destroyed.

This is not shocking. This is just more proof that the Patriarchy is working the same as it ever was. If a man is injured in any way, the full weight of the justice system comes down on his assailants. The news coverage of the outrage is non-stop until he receives justice. When womyn are injured, they are blamed for being victims. The media is full of accusations that they provoked the attack.

This will not change until we refuse to accept it. I call upon you, my sisters, to rise up, to refuse to accept the injustices of the world as your lot. They would have us be the meek daughters of Eve, but we will show the world that we are the true descendents of Lilith! Rise up and refuse to accept a position beneath a man! Rise!