Respect: What Womyn Won't Get From J. Marcus Hart


The women of Minneapolis were shocked last night to see a hired thug, masquerading as a body guard, beat a woman in front of a crowd and cameras. Sadly, we are not shocked. Horrified, but not shocked. When the media empires, owned by old white men, are built upon objectifying women, who can be shocked that they ignore the obvious brutality against a strong and independent woman reporter.

The media would have Linda Holmes be a faceless, nameless figure. Linda Holmes is not a dime a dozen. She is a strong voice who has covered the injustices against women throughout the Americas. We will not let this assault on a woman strong enough to stand up against the male media hegemoney pass unmarked.

Linda Holmes' assailant is, until now, an unknown. Vladimir Hinatsu, muscle for hire, has a dubious history. A former police officer, he was fired for being a drunk. He has ties to organized crime. In the last year, he's been working as a thug for hire in the employ of J. Marcus Hart.

Hart himself is a dark mystery about whom we know fairly little. He is wealthy, but his money comes from mysterious sources. He's clearly a womaniser. A quick google search shows him in public, always with a beautiful woman on his arm. It doesn't take a great imagination to see that he uses his ill gotten wealth to buy their affections.

More alarmingly, Hart and his hired thugs have been tied to a number of mysterious and violent events around Duluth and Minneapolis. A shootout in a low income neighborhood that cut short the promising lives of several African American youths. A melee in the observation room of the St. Louis Arch. Most disturbingly, a memorably night of gun fights throughout the city and arson in Hart's downtown office.

The rest of Hart's hired thugs are just as colorful as Hinatsu. Brad Warnke, a former special forces operator who was dishonorably discharged from the military. His playboy brother, Aaron Hart, dressed in designer stuble and fast cars, fond of cruising Lake Superior with scantily clad bimbos on his boat. And finally, Tara McConnel, a quiet woman who doesn't fit his normal mold. Presumably he has some sort of sexual hold on her, or she is a tool of the conspiracy.

We aren't done with Hart or his hired thugs. Hart is a mysoginist by proxy, and we aren't done with him. We are determined to shine a brilliant light on his shadowy deeds.