J. Marcus Hart and the All Boys Club

We wish we could be shocked. We really do. But it should come as no surprise to anybody that J. Marcus Hart and his band of Merry Misogynists are huge supporters of the Patriarchy of the Catholic Church and their pedophile priests. In May we had the distinct displeasure of seeing them escort a disgraced priest from Denver to hide him in our midst, so that he could avoid justice for his misdeeds.

We once again also felt the brutal high hand of his privileged oppression. Sister Aliah and Sister Lilith, having doggedly followed their quarry, were shown exactly what J. Marcus thinks of women. J. Marcus’ sister, an unenlightened slave to the Patriarchy who plays to men’s expectations of a dumb blonde with a pretty face, was driving this likely child rapist to his new lair. She made a phone call to her brother and arranged for a truck to smash Sister Lilith and Sister Aliah’s car, sending it tumbling down the embankment.

Not only did J. Marcus Hart take their only means of transportation from them, but he saddled them with outrageous medical bills. His contempt for and violence against LGBT people, who are discriminated against by employers and insurers alike, means that these brave sisters are now crushed under the Patriarchal medical and insurance system. If you have anything to spare, the Duluth Women’s Council has set up a fund for donations to cover their medical expenses.